The Fear of Striking Out

That’s a common phrase, eh? “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” We were always taught to “Just try it!” and “Go for it!” At the same time our society perpetuates an idea of perfectionism that is simply unattainable, and a speed to that perfection that is simply unheard of. Let’s be honest, displaying progress in public is like airing dirty laundry. No one wants to show themselves to the world when they are ‘almost ready.’ What if something changes, or fails, or goes amiss. No. We are taught to keep hidden until the finished product is done.

That is why, for about 5 years now I have wanted to have a blog, made a couple and deleted them a few posts in, wrote up posts that stayed saved on my computer, but never committed to actually putting any content out there. Part of me made excuses like, well I just don’t know myself enough yet, I want to start on the New Year, or I want to have at least three weeks of content typed out before going public so I can keep up with posts when just starting out. I always put it off cause I got too busy, or thought I was going to get too busy, or thought my life wouldn’t be interesting enough, or I wouldn’t have enough to say. I thought I would strike out…

Well, I have decided that I am not going to let that stop me. I love sharing stories, insights, recipies, ideas, projects, faves, and inspiration. One way to be held accountable is to be public right? Well there you have it! I have made myself public and I have you guys to keep me on top of my game! Why should the idea of failure ever keep you from doing something you want to do. Why should fear of not reaching the destination ever keep you from reaping all of the benefits of taking the journey!

As of right now the blog is a work in progress! It has some growing to do and some transformations to undergo. Enjoy it as it morphs into what will hopefully be my love child!




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