Balance is an illusion. Think about mountain pose in yoga. To anyone else it is just standing there. But if you stand there and focus long enough you notice the imbalances in your body. Maybe your weight sways from one foot to the next, or from heal to toes.The practice is staying on task, working with the body, observing, correcting, observing, responding, without attaching a judgement or story to our observations. Just simply being with them.


Life is like samasthith, mountain pose. There is constant movement, motion, experience, change, a big mish-mosh of experimenting and learning, observing and responding. The best practice is to be in the present moment and watch what arises objectively so that you can mindfully choose how to manifest that which is arising in your life. “Ok now I am sad/angry/joyful/fearful… how am I going to act, how am I going to react.” Just because something worries you does not mean you have to stress out about it. This is how we achieve some relation to balance in our life, a levelheadedness, equanimity. We detach ourselves from the emotion, the feeling, we have knowledge that it is there, and we decide how to most effectively respond, obscured by our habits and preconceived notions that we formed and accumulated through life.

Most people think of balance as standing in the middle of the seesaw, both sides of the scale completely even. But life is not like that. In life balance is in the mind. It is us flowing with the steady changes, the up and downs, appreciating and learning from both and using that information to keep moving forward without completely tilting and weighing down to one side. Too much to each side can be destructive. We have to be buoyant, responsive, adaptive and detached. Otherwise the seesaw gets stuck and it takes a really powerful push to get it out of the dirt and back into the air again. That is when life gets really out of hand.

So this is my goal for this coming week. To stay buoyant, stay balanced in the mind, be mindful in everything I do and tread carefully and purposefully through life!



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