San Francisco Coffee Bucket List

Coffee Shops San Francisco

So if you didn’t read my post about coffee, you can click here, just so you know where I am coming from when I talk about my obsession with coffee. No I am not one of those 6 cups a day kind of gals, but I love it so much that I have done my fair bit of research on it. I’m in a healthy place with coffee.

So lets talk about San Francisco Coffee Shops!!!! If there was ever a Napa Valley, if would probably be in San Francisco (but seriously, why can’t you go to a coffee show and do a cupping… like a taste of their different roasts and origins and what not). During my time here I’ve tried my fare share of coffee shops, but there are still plenty for me to try before the next month or so is up (specifically in areas I never frequent, but that is no excuse for coffee.) Coffee is a great reason to explore new area of the city.

So here is my list, places I’ve tried and loved and places I haven’t but want to. I separated them by neighborhoods to make it a little easier. I scoured like 8 different “top San Francisco coffee shops” lists to compile what I think are some, 30 to be exact, of the best coffee shops in San Francisco.

Note: In BOLD are the ones I have been too!

Hayes Valley:

  • Ritual– a San Fran staple, order your coffee and go sit outside and watch people play with their dogs.
  • Artís– A tiny place, but with indoor seating and a pretty fabulous 24 carrot gold, vegan carrot muffin =) This is usually where I try to snag a seat to do some work in Hayes Valley.
  • Blue Bottle– get the waffel, just do it… strong coffee, a staple in San Francisco, they are scattered throughout the city, but the one in Hayes Valley was my first!


  • Viva la tarte- I am not going to lie, this is one of my favorite spots in San Francisco. I used to live a few blocks away and walk there with a couple of books and my journal. No wifi, but a big open space with wonderful pastry and pizza.
  • Sextant
  • Sightglass– you will see “selling sightglass coffee” everywhere in San Fran. The smell hits you when you enter the door cause this is where they grind and roast their beans. Sit up on the balcony to people watch and get some work done.
  • Coffee Culture


  • Four Barrel- Another  “selling four barrel coffee” everywhere in San Francisco. Only one way to choose your favorite.
  • Coffee Bar
  • Coffee Shop
  • Tartine- Try their bakes goods…. be prepared for a long line out the door.
  • Stable Cafe


  • Trouble Coffee Co.- San Francisco and their big pieces of toast. Grab the cinnamon toast for a treat. Or put your name in at Outerlands on the corner of the block and grab a cup of coffee while you with for the inevitable brunch crowd to pass.
  • Home
  • Snowbird


  • Wrecking ball- good coffee and a wall of pineapples that make a really good Instagram pic =)

Western Addition:

  • The Mill– GET THE TOAST!!! The Mill makes their own incredible bread. Pick up a loaf and a cup of coffee for the ride home, you wont be disappointed.

Inner Richmond:

  • Fifty/fifty
  • Cinderella


  • Fly Wheel– when people come to visit San Francisco, you have to take them through the Haight Ashbury. If you make your way all the way to the park you will find yourself at Fly Wheel. Grab a cup and chill, or make your way in to the Panhandle.
  • Café du Solei

Nob Hill:

  • Contraband

Pacific Heights:

  • Jane on Filmore
  • Dynamo donuts and coffee

Russian Hill:

  • Saint Frank coffee


  • Farm table
  • Mr. Holmes Bakehouse


  • Réveille Coffee Co.– so cute, tucked away behind climbing and hanging vines
  • Hearth

North Beach

  • Café Triste

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