RANT ALERT … The Value of Someone’s Time

Do you remember a time when punctuality actually reflected some sort of value. When showing up late to class, or to an appointment reflected poorly on you as an inconsiderate human being. Because wandering into a classroom late means disregard for the hard work the teacher put in to develop a class plan, disregard for the information she or he is trying to impart onto you, disregard for the other students that are trying to learn and are interrupted by your entrance in the middle of lecture, and disregard for the parents trying to provide for you and raise you to be a good human being. Showing up late for… lets say a doctor’s appointment shows disregard for that doctor’s schedule and precious time, disregard for all the other patients who have been waiting there, disregard for the craft that this doctor spent years honing and going to school for. If you have made plans with someone, showing up late is a total disregard of their time, the responsibilities they could have been tending to, and disrespect for the friendship that you two have created.

If you were late, people got mad. If you were late you got locked out, or canceled on. If you knew you were going to be late or were not going to be able to show up for something, you called or texted or did something so that that person could use their valuable time doing something else. To assume that the people you made plans with has nothing better to do then to wait around for you. To assume that the whole world is going to wait for you while you lally-gag, or because you didn’t take the time out to check the traffic report, the bus schedule, the amount of time it was going to properly take to get to where you have to go… is just plain disrespectful, inconsiderate, and untrustworthy.

Why can’t people see this now-a-days? Why do people not think of others when going through their daily lives? Why are these values not instilled into people from a young age, not just by their parents, but by the world at large!? Why is there no longer any consequence for people who just don’t give a shit, who could not care less?

My time, my presence, my love… these are the greatest gifts I have to offer. A home body by nature, if I commit to something, hanging out with a friend, a phone call I know is going to take a while, an appointment, work/ yoga classes that I am getting paid for, or anything of the like, you bet your ass I’m not just going to be on time, I’m going to be early. I hope more people value that, that they know they can count on that… that I prepare for that, and if something happens, I am frantic trying to get in touch with the people I have committed to and profusely apologizing… because it is NOT OK!!!! I will sure as hell have an excuse… but it is still not okay.

If you are looking to commit to something, bag your gym habits or making your bed every morning because you think it will make you look better in a bikini or a more successful business person. Try respecting people’s time. Be considerate of others. Time is valuable because we only have a certain amount of it. The gift of your time is the gift of love. Don’t squander it, don’t let it be taken lightly, and don’t take advantage of it.


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