Friday Flashback… Week in Review 4/14

Hey guys!

A couple things I want to share with you about this week:

First of all, my last two yoga posts were about the first two limbs of yoga, the yamas and niyamas, the foundation of our yoga practice. I discovered an absolutely beautiful video that describes these first two limbs and the practice of them. Go ahead and give it a watch:

Along yoga lines, this was also my last week teaching in San Francisco! It has been such an amazing journey but as of this Sunday I have given up all of my classes so that I can prepare a bit more for the move. It has been such an honor to teach such amazing people. The yoga community in San Francisco is so vibrant and welcoming. These are genuinely kind and warm hearted people, and i really do look forward to coming back to visit and practicing together again! It blows my mind when teachers stop going to classes! Go take classes with your students!!! Join them in breathing and moving and experience the connection of heart that comes with practicing together! Like the video above says… all about connection!

I posted on Monday about my travels to come! Check out that post here! Let me know if you have any favorite spots in any of the cities I posted about on my road trip. That’s another thing I was doing all week… creating itineraries. We don’t have much time in each place so everything has to be pretty close to the main areas of the city, but we will have a car.

Lastly, I’ve always been super interested in the research behind fasting. Fasting has been part of culture forever… not to mention it is how we originally survived in the wild, feast and fast. I have heard a whole bunch of stuff about these retreat centers that do full month long water fasts, where you only drink water. I have heard of the different kinds of intermittent fasting. I will probably write a longer post about it next week, but last weekend I read an article ( ) that put me in an internet research worm hole. Starting on Monday I started easing myself into some intermittent fasting. I have been at the same body fat percentage since August and I wanted to shake things up. Like I said, a longer post to come about my experience, results, and research, but the article is a good read.

Then some more linkage for you:

Alrighty! Have a wonderful weekend little wild wanderers! Even if you don’t celebrate Easter as a religious holiday, celebrate the season of new birth and beginnings!



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