How I Do A Detox

I am a full believer that our bodies have their own natural ability to detoxify themselves. But, is it really so hard to believe there are twice as many toxins in our environment that are overloading our system? Why are so many people are getting sick? why does it feel like our bodies just can’t keep up? Don’t you feel better when you get out into nature and breath clean air and eat clean food?

This is my argument when people talk to me about detoxing. Yes, our body has its own cleansing mechanisms, but you cannot deny that when you take some time to pay particular attention to your body’s needs and treat it particularly well, you have a renewed sense of energy and lightness, a clean, glowing feeling. I think a detox gives you a fresh start to bounce off of, a clean slate.

That’s what this week is for me! Detox week! Let me share with you what I try to incorporate into my routine so that I am feeling fresh and grounded after the week is done:

1) Detox Beverage

I love to make myself a Detox Beverage. I’m sure you guys have all seen these. The apple cider vinegar, the lemon juice, turmeric, yada yada… well they work. (Check out my favorite detox beverage here! ) I usually make a big ol’ batch in the beginning of the week and have it every morning when I wake up, while I’m writing in my journal. Besides the antibacterial effect, the anti-inflammatory properties, the alkalizing effect, the beverage hydrates you and fills you up before your first meal.

2) Drink Lots of Water

I think the most important part of detoxing is drinking enough water. More then enough… a lot! If you aren’t going to drink a detox beverage, add some lemon or cucumber to your water, not only to make it tastier so you drink more of it, but so that you can get the detoxifying benefits of these two amazing fruits. I think it is also important to make sure the water you are drinking is filtered, for obvious reasons. I normally drink anywhere from 70-80 fl oz. of water a day. This week I’m trying to hit closer to 100 fl oz.

3) Vegetable Based Diet Plan

Believe it or not, I do not eat much different from my normal day to day. I try to plan my meals more, make sure they are very vegetable dense, maybe adding more foods with anti-inflammatory properties and lots of antioxidants. Make sure you are eating at lease one big dark leafy green salad a day. If you are going to be drinking juice or adding smoothies to your diet, make sure they are vegetable based and not fruit based. 100% Do not go out to eat. (If you want to eliminate coffee or alcohol, meat and dairy, things like that, it can be helpful. This week however I am not being that strict with elimination cause I have food that needs to be eaten before I move.)

4) More Cardio and Yoga

Normally I am all over the place with my workouts. I love lifting weights, but I don’t really tend to work up the kind of sweat I do when I run or do yoga. I will also get sore after my lifting sessions which makes me a little lazy and longing for rest, as well as feeling a little inflamed and sluggish. I try to incorporate more yoga and cardio into my routine. Nothing too crazy but something that gets my body moving, twisting, turning, and sweating. I also love spinning and swimming

5) Foam Roll

I will foam roll every day during a detox. Massage all the toxins and knots out of my muscles. Then you are drinking enough water to carry them out of your body and sweating them out as well! It can be a little painful, but you feel SOOOOOO GOOOOOD afterwards, like you just got a massage.

6) Sauna/ Steam

I also try to find a sauna or a steam room. I like doing a cold shower, sauna, cold shower, steam room, cool shower routine to shock my lymphatic system. I glow afterwards! I will give myself a self-massage while I am in the hot, especially under my arms and under my jaw.

7) Sleep

This is probably the absolutely most important after water! Make sure you are getting a lot of sleep. Your body recovers when you sleep and you want to be well rested so that you can perform optimally during the day. If you are groggy you are more likely to make decisions out of habit and those might derail your detox.


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