Friday Flashback 4/21… Running, Budgeting, and a very Angry Yoga Teacher

So I am trying to get back out there and start running on the regular again! I stopped for a little while with… really absolutely no excuse. But this week I’m trying to run outdoors at least 3 times a week, get back up to 20 miles a week before I head back home to NY! The feature image is from Pine Lake in Stern Grove. It was such a beautiful day. Running can seem so daunting, especially if you are training and know you are going to have to take out longer periods of time for your runs. It is east to say you don’t have time for it. My trick is to find my way onto the pavement before I can convince myself otherwise. Just get out and do it!


As I am typing up this post, my girl friend and I are texting about budgeting for our road trip. Budgeting can be so freaking hard, especially in a city like San Francisco. Everything is so expensive!!! EVERYTHING!!! Its probably my very largest complaint about this city.  But as I have a lot of travels right now coming up, I have been trying to save money. I budget in my bullet journal, keep track of all my expenses and my income, which as an independent contractor can sometimes be all over the place. You can find countless sources of inspiration for how to budget, but this week I came across this link here about money gratitude and I think it is going to change my life.

For me this week was all about detoxing! Because next week I have my recording, I had to stop lifting (weights). There is to much residual tension in the body when you are lifting, especially in your vocal cords and the muscles in your neck. For singing would want everything to be elastic, passive, responsive. Hence the running more often.

So I stopped weight lifting, and started taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors, going for runs, and my gym’s pool. The location with the pool is a little bit further away but they have a a sauna and steam room as well. It was the perfect opportunity! Read about how to get the most out of your sauna experience here! I also posted about my Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink earlier this week. In that post I talk about all of the different things I incorporate into my life when I am detoxing. Check out that post here.

I made a New Years Resolution this year to read 50 books. I knew I’d finally have the time during this transition in my life and lots of time in transit on different forms of transportation. My list  (everyone has that list right? Of that stack of books you really need to get around to reading?) was getting a bit overwhelming and I knew I had to whittle it down to make room for a plethora of new books, hopefully more electronic so that we could be a little more economical with our environment. I found this list of 10 Nonfiction Books that Seriously Read Like Novels, two of which I have read and would immediately recommend (Just Kids and Beyond the Beautiful Forevers). I’ll have to get started on the rest of them soon!

And then there was this… and it made my whole week! Have a great weekend you guys! Enjoy!


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