Authenticity… Overused and Underrated.

Yesterday on my run I listened to The Rich Roll Podcast, Episode 283 with Danielle LaPorte. And let me tell you… This woman spoke to me! Every word that left her lips, traveled through my earbuds and into my brain resonated with my core. So often I have doubted myself and everything I do. The questions of who am I, why am I doing this, what is it I really want, have always raged in my head. I have always second guessed my intentions and motivations, not fully being able to dive into the pool of self trust.

So often I turn to others, to teachers and people lauding methods of self improvement to help me be reassured of my goals and tell me I was on the right path.  And there is so much information out there, different programs, plans, and practices that it can get dizzying and anxiety inducing! It can become an obsession, and if you don’t stay on top of everything you begin to get upset with yourself.


All the information out there is a great thing and can be very helpful, but Danielle LaPorte reminds us that the solution is really inside our self. As Rich Roll puts in his description:

A beacon of compassion, Danielle is an extraordinary human. A woman devoted to helping people transcend their limitations, access their potential, and truly self-actualize.

Everything she said instilled confidence in myself. She spit truths the whole hour and 46 minutes with a grace and a sweet approachability, without ever making me feel like I was being told what to do but rather being told that I had the power and the tools to figure out what will work best for me! It was so refreshing to be reminded that the ball is totally in my court. She made me think, contemplate, and reengage.

Rich Roll has always been about living your more authentic life, which I love because I am always looking to act from my most authentic self. So when the podcasts get into different forms of social media, different platforms to get your message across and promote yourself, she talks about false authenticity.  That “there is a fad where transparency has become a gimmick.” When you are using it to get the attention of others you are disengaging from your true self.

“You are going to share a lot of things you regret sharing, some things that are really sacred that you should’ve let bake and turn into a lesson. Some things are private until the turn into a teachable moment.

Your experiences are sacred. They can be learning opportunities and can connect you deeper with your sense of self. The most important point that Danielle drives home, however, is not the how you do what you do, but why you do what you do.


I am about to purchase all her books and pre-order “White Hot Truth: Clarity for Keeping It Real on Your Spiritual Path from One Seeker to Another”, her newest book, dropping May 16th!

So why do you do what you do? What motivates you? Makes you tick? Have your meditated and reflected on that recently… or ever? What do you want to bring to the table of this big main event called the coexisting of the universe!? Those are the questions I am asking myself right now and it couldn’t be better timing!


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