Wipe The Slate Clean… 5 Tips to Setting Goals You Will Stick To.

Guys, can you believe it is already May 1st?!?!?! A new month! Summer is around the corner. Do you have any goals for the summer? Any big plans?

Today is particularly special because the first of the month lands on a Monday. That’s a fresh clean late is so many ways! Don’t you love turning that page in your planner to see a fresh clean page full of new possibilities? I know I do! Ugh I am trying so desperately to get away from paper and go digital. It is so hard for an old soul like me.


A new month means new goals. Maybe they are brand spanking new, maybe they are a continuation, or the next step to a much larger goal. the problem is most of us get super excited at the beginning of the month because that clean slate feeling is so enticing, so we commit, and then by week 2 we are a little less motivated and a little more busy and therefore a little less committed to our goals. I have definitely had experience with this. But I have also had success in committing to and sticking to other goals I have set for myself.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 9.19.01 AM
That’s my bad ass little sister. After kind of cheating this weekend, she posted this yesterday and got me all revved up! She is my ultimate motivation!

Always remember, life can sometimes get in the way. there is no reason to chastise yourself for not following through on a goal. There is always something to learn from a failure, to make the attempt a little easier the next time. Dwelling on the past is just wasted energy. Shit happens.

That being said, here is my list of five things you can do to help you set and stick with your goals you set for yourself this month! Diet starts on Monday, amiright?!

  1. Make a ritual out of reflecting on the past month and then setting up your goals for the next month to come. I kind of already said this, but its a good idea to make time at the end of each month to review and reflect. this way you can see what worked and what didn’t work last month and learn from it. Then you turn the page, wipe the slate clean, let go of the past, and start new.
  2. Make sure your goals are SMART. I don’t know who created this acronym but it is soooo… yes! Too many goals are loosely set without being super SPECIFIC about what you actually want to accomplish, without and exact ability to MEASURE success, completely beyond the scope of ATTAINABILITY, without asking the question of why you want to accomplish this, why it is RELEVANT to your life, and without a TIME table to accompany it. The more specific and realistic you can get, with a clear purpose behind you to motivate you, the more likely you are about to stick with it.
  3. Create a plan. Figure out the steps to accomplishing your goals. Form habits, the small things that build up over time. Whatever your goal is, it can usually be divided into smaller steps that when the time comes are a lot easier accomplish in he now.
  4. Keep yourself accountable. Write your goals down. Keep a journal! (stay tuned for my next post on how to make journaling a habit) You don’t have to tell other people about your goals, but if that helps you and you feel comfortable then go for it, but simply having something that is measurable that you can log in a journal is key. Then, once it is on paper it is real.
  5. Let go when things don’t go as planned. Life happens sometimes. Practice non attachment. Life isn’t going to end because you didn’t make it to the gym today. Don’t think that the goal is never going to happen because of one mess up. Tomorrow is a new day.

Some of my goals for the month of May:

  • Read four books (bringing my total to 18 so far this year)
  • Run 20 miles a week (or build up to it currently at 15)
  • Learn how to use the GoPro Karma that I just ordered and how to edit videos (exciting huh?!?! Happy Birthday to myself!)
  • “Volta la terrea” and “Chacun le sait” (opera arias to start on)
  • Wake up earlier, do yoga outside with the sunrise =)

Also, tomorrow I leave for New York!!! What?!?!?! I’ll be back in SF on the 15th for a couple days before going on my big road trip (check out my travel plans for this summer here), but this is my first round of moving back home, and it is very exciting!

Happy goal setting guys! Happy Monday! Happy May!

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 6.31.04 PM



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