When You Have a Decision to Make, Always Choose Happiness

Monday Meditation time!

I have always had one motto that has run my life from when I was a child. “If it is not a happy life then it is not worth living.” Literally this saved me when I was in a very dark place and from then on it is how I make all of my decisions.

Let me say something right now! YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!!! If you, for a second, do not think you deserve happiness, or that someone else’s happiness is more important then your own, stop… stop right now.

Second, let me say this. Happiness is a choice. Nothing you ever do will bring you joy unless you make the conscious choice to enjoy it. Really try to make it a practice of stopping in negative situations and mentally noting the positives in your life and exercise your ability to choose to focus on the good. That way you can see the negative either as something that will eventually pass, or as problem you can find a solution to.

Third, let me say this. Though happiness is a choice, there are dark times and suffering in the nature of existence. You would never be able to appreciate happiness if you never experienced pain. Both are part of life. Do not expect to be beaming all the time, and do not assume that when you are down it will last forever. Take solace in the fact that feelings, events, people, and possessions come and go.

With that out of the way, if you feel like your life is lacking, or you are unhappy in a situation, know that you have the power to get out of it. Also know that it is your responsibility to find happiness. Do not expect happiness to come to you. There will never be a time where if [blank] happens, you will be happy. If you only had more money, if only you could get that job, if only you could find that perfect person, if only, if only, if only… not to be harsh, but that is completely wasted energy.

Spend your energy on what you can do. If you are in a job you hate, figure out what you can do to get out of that job and take action. Even if the money is good, if you are miserable, its not worth it darling. Figure out what is in your heart, what really ignites joy within you. Then, when you are faced with a decision in your life, choose what will truly make you happy. Make the decision that will go towards that fire. Do not think about what is expected of you or what others think you should do or what makes the most sense. Sometimes what brings you the most joy will make absolutely no sense.

Really, we need so little to survive. We need food, water, and air. But to keep our sanity, we need love and passion. Love and passion breeds purposefulness. This keeps us going, motivated, and kind.

Sometimes the answer to “will this make me happy?” is not readily clear. That is okay. Know you are never stuck. Things are always temporary. You can change your mind. Then when you do find something that ignites that fire… hold onto it, feed it, nurture it. The chance to experiment and experience lots of different things on the journey of the pursuit of happiness is a wonderful opportunity that isn’t truly appreciated. But that is what life is all about!

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