MEMy name is Kerianna Krebushevski. I am so happy you stopped by to check out my little space here on the internet!

I decided to call myself and this blog the Little Wild Wanderer because, well first off, I am little (yet mighty and fierce!). I am short of stature but big of heart and even bigger of dreams. I am also a bit wild. I feel a tremendous connection to all things free and of the earth! I speak my mind and have a lot of energy, am very motivated, and LOVE adventure. Lastly, I am a wanderer, someone who wants to see the expanse of the world and all its mysteries, but also a explorer of what lies within. I have a thirst for knowledge, culture, excitement, and experiences!

This blog is here for you, to help you through hard times, to motivate you on your path to a more authentic self, to help find the light worth living for every day. It is also a space for me to reveal my thoughts and feelings, document some research, grow as an individual, and share life experiences and my immense gratitude for them!

I love to sing, to move, to run, to read, to cook, to smile, to spend time with family and friends, to inspire, to seek adventure, to explore… to live!!! My motto is what is a life worth living if it is not a happy life! So here is to happiness, to all  all the dreamers and believers, readers and adventure seekers, bakers and music makers! Here is to finding love and light in everything we say, see, and do!



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